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1. How do I initiate a Public Records Request & What is the cost?
2. How do I obtain Voter Registration Information?
3. How do I speak at the Commission Meeting/ request to be on the agenda?
4. When are the Commission Meetings?
5. How do I pay for or contest my traffic citation?
6. How do I apply for a permit or obtain permit information?
7. Can you add a property to Conduits?
8. What is the process and cost for a lien search?
9. How do I get a payoff for a lien?
10. Can we get married at City Hall?
11. How do I get a marriage license?
12. How do I become a member of an Advisory Board or Committee?
13. When and where are Advisory Board or Committee meetings held?
14. How do I become a lobbyist and what is the cost?
15. How long does my lobbyist registration last?
16. How do I get a copy of a resolution or ordinance?
17. Can I get a passport at City Hall?