Why will we have to pay both a BTR/CU?

These are two different processes: a BTR is a tax for performing a business within the city and a CU assures the business conducted is the approved as designated in the zoning district plus inspections are performed to verify code compliance and safety. 

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1. How often will the cost of the Certificate of Use fees be increased. ?
2. When will the Certificate of Use requirements take effect?
3. Who must have a Business Tax Receipt and Certificate of Use?
4. Why will we have to pay both a BTR/CU?
5. Who is exempt from paying from for BTR/CU?
6. What are the required fees for the Certificate of Use?
7. Why is a Certificate of Use required?
8. How is the Certificate of Use applied for?
9. When does the Certificate of Use expire?
10. When should the Certificate of Use be renewed?
11. Can a Certificate of Use be revoked?
12. Can a Certificate of Use be denied?
13. What is the appeal process?