Special Magistrate Hearings

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Special Magistrate Agendas

When are Special Magistrate Hearing Held?

Special Magistrate Hearings are held the first Thursday of the month and begin at 10:00 AM.  Property owners that have a Code Compliance Case on the Agenda will be sent a Notice of Formal Hearing via Certified Mail or by having the notice posted on their property at least ten (10) days prior to the Hearing.

What happens at a Special Magistrate Hearing?

Special Magistrate Hearings allow property owners the opportunity to dispute a code compliance case before an unbiased Special Magistrate in a quasi-judicial proceeding. The Magistrate will hear sworn testimony from City Code Staff, then the property owner will be given the opportunity to speak and provide photographs, expert reports or legal documents to dispute a violation. The Magistrates primary responsibility is to determine the existence of a violation of the City's Code of Ordinances.  In the event a property is in violation the Magistrate will issue a Final Order.  The Final Order will list the violation narrative, a compliance date and the date that a daily accruing fine will start should the property not be brought into compliance. 

Other Reasons for a Special Magistrate Hearing are:

The Property Owner or Code Officer can request that the Magistrate extend time for compliance when a property owner has made effort to comply. Property Owners can request a Mitigation Appeal Hearing for a case that has a Code Lien. Code Officers can ask the Magistrate to issue a Final Order Certifying Code Enforcement Fine and Lien when a property owner has not made effort to bring property into compliance.