Business Tax Receipt License and Special Event Permit

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In light of the Health Department advisories regarding the Corona Virus, the City of Hallandale Beach is implementing temporary guidelines for business owners to submit their Business Tax Receipt applications.    

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Business Tax Receipt 

Business Tax Receipts (BTR) are required for any entity engaging in or managing any business, profession, or occupation within the City. 

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Temporary Use Authorization/ Special Events

The temporary use of a property to conduct indoor and promotional events that change the city approved occupancy or capacity of the facility; special events that involve street closures or require the coordination of a number of city departments or other agencies, involve the use of alcohol, on-site commercial cooking, food sales or large scale temporary structures; outdoors sales; outdoor special events attracting a large attendance; or similar events, require a temporary use authorization.

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Current Broward County Emergency Orders also require outdoor open-air special events that are not located in a function space per Attachment 20 and outdoor open-air events held at Parks and at the beach that exceed 100 people, are prohibited unless the organizers of such events submit a reopening or operating plan pursuant to EO20-23 and receive written approval by the County Administrator.

Outdoor open-air special events, in excess of 10 people, are permissible if the organizers of such events submit a reopening or operating plan to that contains specific details (including appropriate operational safeguards, attendance limits such as persons per square feet, sanitation procedures, facial coverings requirements, and staffing/ security), and such plan is approved in writing by the County Administrator.

Filming Activity Permit  

Filming Permits are required for individuals or businesses wishing to conduct filming activities in the City of Hallandale Beach. The filming guidelines apply to all location filming activities, which take place in the City of Hallandale Beach. Exceptions to the guidelines are newscast and filming activities conducted by (or for) the City, or students. 

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Hotel Registration

The registration of hotels is set in place to monitor and regulate hotel/condo-hotel uses by allowing City inspection of the official books and records of such uses to ensure compliance with stipulated regulations.

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