Residential Programs

Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP)

Program Overview

The Hallandale Beach CRA wants to help you improve your property, neighborhood, and community. The CRA offers various programs such as the Neighborhood Improvement Program, Paint Voucher, and Storm Shutter/Hurricane Windows & Doors Rebate Program to assist residents in Hallandale Beach.

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Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP)

The Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) assists property owners with exterior property improvements and interior life-safety issues by offering incentives. These improvements will upgrade the appearance of neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Only one program may be selected per property.

Financial Assistance/Incentives

NIP provides the following incentives to property owners to help them comply with exterior property maintenance codes:
Roof Repair or Replacement, Parking, Public Sidewalk Repair or Replacement, Swale regarding (reconforming), Impact Door(s) replacement or repair, Landscaping Installation or Maintenance, Termit Removal, Painting, Other Exterior Code Deficiances or necessary Improvements, Hurricane Storm Shutters or Impact Windows, Seawall repair, Emergency Efficient Air Conditioner, Passive Solar Water Heating-Electric-Gas back up, Recommendations from CPTED study completed on property.

Loans are in the following maximum amounts and will not be more than 50% of the assessed value of the property:
· Up to - $30,000 for Single family and other residential uses of no more than five (5) dwelling units
· Up to - $50,000 for Multi-family six (6) or more dwelling units

Applications will be considered for assistance on a first-come, first-ready, first-served basis, based on funding availability.

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General Loan Guidelines

The loan promissory note and mortgage define all loan parameters, requirements and expectations. The following guidelines do not necessarily reflect loan and promissory note parameters, requirements and expectations of satisfaction.

The loan amount will not be more than 50% of the assessed value of the property. If the property is sold or transferred the loan must be repaid at 100% with an annual interest rate of 6%.

Full repayment for non ="owner" occupied properties.

Application fee is due at application submittal: $150 for single family and residential uses up to 5 units, $300 for residential uses of 6 or more units. The application fee is non-refundable. There is a ten-day waiting period unless cash, money order or certified check is used to pay the fee.

The owner will execute a Mortgage and a Loan Promissory Note with the City of Hallandale Beach CRA at loan closing.

Please see applicstion for additional loan terms and conditions.

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Eligible Properties & Property Owners Responsibilities

Although all properties are required to be in full compliance with parking, drainage and designated property maintenance requirements such as condition of the structure(s) and grounds, only properties located within the HBCRA area are eligible for the Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP).

Applications for the Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) can be submitted to the CRA office at customer conveience without an appointment.

Notification to Property Owners

Property owners will receive notification from the HBCRA, describing available NIP information, application form and other documentation.

Other Improvement Programs

The City has a street tree and plant program where residents may receive free trees and plants. Please contact the Department of Public Works at (954) 457-1600.

Paint Voucher Program

Paint Voucher Application

The HBCRA also offers paint vouchers up to $500. Please complete appllication and contact HBCRA for an appointment to submit by calling (954) 457-1422 . Please note that you are only required to submit back-up documentation for the program you are applying for.

Storm Shutter/ Hurricane Impact Windows Program

Storm Shutter Rebate Application

The HBCRA offers up to a $1,500 rebate on a first-come, first-ready, first-served basis, based on funding availability to homeowners wishing to place storm shutters or impact windows on their property to help protect the home during a natural disaster.

Owner occupied residential properties excluding trailer parks, are eligible for participation in this program. The maximum benefit under this program is a $1,500 rebate/grant. The property owner is responsible for any costs exceeding the maximum $1,500 rebate benefit.

Installation of shutters and/or hurricane impact windows must be completed by a licensed contractor and approved by the Building Division within 60 days of application acceptance. Licensed contractor must apply for applicable Permit(s).

Additional Information

For additional information about the Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) and to find out if you can benefit from the program, please contact:

Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency at (954) 457-1422 or (954) 457-2228

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