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The Parking Enforcement Unit of the City utilizes advanced License Plate Recognition technology to enforce parking regulations in both on-street and off-street areas. Not paying the required parking fees can result in a parking citation, which incurs a minimum fine of $39.00.

Parking Rates

Discounts/Complimentary Parking

Discount for Senior Citizens, Disabled Parking, Military Veterans

The City of Hallandale Beach provides a 25% monthly discount for the following residents:

  • Seniors (65+)
  • Military Veterans
  • Persons with a Disabled Parking Placard
  • Proof of eligibility is required when applying for the discount.  

For more information, click on the links below:

Wheelchair License Plate
Disabled Person Parking Permit
Military License Plate.

Handicap Parking - On-Street Hourly Parking

Vehicles displaying a disabled parking permit or license plate are allowed to park for free up to four (4) hours in any standard non-designated handicap space. After the time limit expires, the driver must pay the prevailing parking rate or risk a parking citation that carries a minimum fine amount of $39.00.

Complimentary parking is provided only once per 24-hour period.

Any vehicle which displays a disabled parking permit may park for free with no time limitation in any marked and designated on-street handicapped parking space.

In accordance with Florida Statute §320.0848, disabled Parking Permits & License Tags must be properly displayed (with an expiration date visible) and only used when the vehicle is transporting the person to whom the disabled permit is issued. If the permit owner is not being transported in the vehicle, the permit may not be used.

Handicap Parking – Off-Street Hourly Parking 

Consistent with Florida Statute §316.1964 (8), City Code Section 28-137 stipulates; all drivers must pay to park in the City’s off-street parking facilities. Paid parking applies to all marked and designated handicapped spaces and all standard non-designated parking spaces.

The following motor vehicles are exempt from any parking fees:

  • A vehicle displaying the Florida Toll Exemption Permit.
  • A vehicle displaying the Disabled Veteran “DV” license plate.
  • A vehicle displaying a disabled parking permit which has specialized equipment such as ramps, lifts, or foot or hand controls.

Veteran Parking - Hourly Parking

The Hallandale Beach City Commission recognizes the sacrifices U.S. veterans have made to protect the freedom of the United States and wishes to show their appreciation to those veterans of the United States who have been recognized for specified distinguished and meritorious service.

Veterans whose cars properly display a Florida National Guard, U.S. Reserve, Ex-Prisoner of War, Pearl Harbor Survivor or Purple Heart license plate or other verifiable license plate from the State of Florida validly obtained from the State of Florida shall be exempt from having to pay parking fees. Such an exemption shall only be applicable to hourly parking and shall not be applicable to the city's permitted parking program within residential neighborhoods.

City Facilities Parking Lots

The city does not charge for parking at the City Hall complex, Library, City Parks (except South City Beach & North City Beach), and at other City-run facilities with parking lots.  Parking in these lots is free of charge while using the facilities.  City Parking Lots are for facility users only.

Should you choose to park your vehicle in on-street metered parking spaces, payment is required.

Holiday Hourly Parking Rate

The Holiday Hourly Parking Rate is $5.00 per hour at our South City Beach Park and North City Beach Park facilities. The rate is in effect during these National Holidays:

  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Independence Day weekend
  • Labor Day weekend

For more information, visit Holiday Beach Parking.

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