City Operations Update

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Hallandale Beach Emergency Order 20-13 limits activities at City Voting sites

In addition to the requirements of state and county Emergency Orders for facial coverings, social distancing and limitations on gatherings, no tents, chairs, coolers or tables may be placed by members of the public in the parking lots, driveways, walkways or grass covered areas of the Municipal Complex (including City Hall, the Cultural Center, the Police station and the library).

Hallandale Beach continues phased reopening efforts

Please visit for simple to understand information on what is and what is not reopen. 

Hallandale Beach joins Broward County in the phased reopening of public spaces including the beach.  Further details may be found at  

Hallandale Beach Emergency Order 20-09 requires commercial gyms to obtain an inspection prior to reopening.  

City Hall offering limited in-person services, by appointment

Hallandale Beach City Hall is open to the public with limited scheduled services for the Building Division and Code Compliance Division.   

The Building and Code Compliance Divisions’ office hours for in person assistance are Mondays and Wednesdays 8am - 4pm.  All other City departments remain accessible via our telephone Hotline at (954) 457-1489 Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm.  

You must wait outside City Hall before entry.  For your safety, only two (2) people will be allowed in the lobby at the same time.   You will be required to wear a facial covering and have your temperature taken prior to entering the building.  There will be two lines: an appointment line and a walk-in line.  Please find your way through the appropriate line for service and be sure to maintain six (6) feet between you and your neighbors.

While walk-ins are welcome, appointments for service from the Building Division and Code Compliance Department are preferred.  We strongly encourage you to make a virtual appointment by using this link or by calling (954) 457-1383 Monday through Thursday 7am -5:30pm.

Businesses wishing to reopen should flush their pipes

Stagnant or standing water can cause conditions that increase the risk for growth and spread of Legionella and other biofilm-associated bacteria. Businesses that have been closed should flush water for 20 minutes to avoid risk of these types of diseases.  More information is available here.

Hurricane Season June 1 - October 31

Residents and businesses should stay alert and prepared during Hurricane Season. 

Parks and Beach Reopening

The City welcomes its residents to enjoy designated parks for walking and/or jogging and the beach for limited ocean and recreation activities while adhering to specific guidelines and restrictions. Visit for guidelines and restrictions.  

City Marina Reopening

The City Marina is open for boat owner access only.  Guests are prohibited. 

Cemetery Reopening

The Hallandale Beach Cemetery is open for family visitations 7:30am - 6pm that comply with all guidelines. Burial Services continue to be restricted by administrative guidelines.

Face Coverings

Broward County Emergency Order requires face coverings for all persons in an establishment, including members of the public, and when physical distancing requirements cannot be maintained outside.  Face coverings are required when obtaining services at City Hall.

Absent an express exception, facial coverings must be worn by:

  • All persons are required to wear face coverings at all times while using or visiting a gym or fitness center, including while exercising. 
  • All persons while outside their residence, when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • All persons at an establishment including entering, exiting, and when moving around, regardless of physical distancing.
  • Workers in any establishment, regardless of physical distancing.
  • All persons in any common area of a multi-family housing or residential facility.
  • All other persons required to wear facial coverings under Broward County Emergency Order

Frequently asked questions about Face Coverings can be found here.  Face coverings should adhere to the CDC guidance available here.

Responsible Individual Activities

Per Broward County Emergency Order, Individuals in our community have a personal responsibility to adhere to the guidelines and do their part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The new Order strongly recommends that any person who tests positive for COVID-19, or who is experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, immediately:

  • self-isolate to the greatest extent possible and avoid contact with any other person
  • avoid visiting establishments and amenities except when medically necessary
  • avoid use of common areas such as shared kitchens, laundry rooms or recreational facilities, especially in shared housing or multi-housing developments 

Florida Emergency Order requires all persons in Hallandale Beach to continue to limit their personal interactions outside home.  Seniors and individuals with a significant underlying medical condition are strongly encouraged to stay at home and take all measures to limit the risk of exposure.  

Physical Distancing

Gatherings of groups of people larger than ten (10) remain prohibited in establishments and outside where social distancing cannot be maintained.  Any large gatherings should be reported to our non-emergency Police dispatch at (954) 764-HELP (4357).  The City’s noise ordinance remains in effect.  

Residents must continue to follow CDC guidelines for physical distancing keeping space between yourself and other people outside your home.  To practice physical distancing; stay at least 6 feet from other people, do not gather in groups, and stay out of crowded places an avoid mass gatherings.

Gatherings & Groups

The Florida Surgeon General and State Health Officer issued a public health advisory against all social or recreational gatherings of 10 or more people. Residents are urged to fully comply with all measures advised by the CDC including limiting gatherings to no more than ten (10) people.

No groups of more than ten (10) people shall congregate in any area of any Park in Broward County.

Child Care facilities must carry out Childcare services in stable groups of 10 or fewer (inclusive of childcare providers for the group). Children and child care providers shall not change from one group to another. If more than one group of children is cared for at one facility, each group shall be in a separate room. Groups shall not mix or interact with each other. 

All persons in Florida should avoid congregating in large groups. Local jurisdictions shall ensure that groups of people greater than ten are not permitted to congregate in any public space that does not readily allow for appropriate physical distancing. Employers and employees at Open Establishments are urged to limit group size to less than ten people. All persons in Florida are encouraged to avoid congregating in groups larger than 50 persons. 

Per Broward County Emergency Order, private gatherings at a residential property, single-family or otherwise, indoors and/or outdoors, are limited to no more than 10 individuals. Persons present at such gatherings shall be individually liable for violations of this Order and subject to civil and criminal penalties. The owner(s) of the residential property are also liable for violations that occur on their property, whether or not they are in residence or on site at the time of the violation. Residents of any private residential property, whether they own or rent, must ensure all persons on their property comply with the guidelines, subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Group gathering or events of more than ten (10) individuals are prohibited on Broward County Beaches.

No gatherings or multi-player games are permitted in the community rooms of multi-family housing between persons who do not reside in the same household.

No gathering of more than 10 people is permitted at any time at Marinas, Boat Docks, Ramps and Other Launching Venues, including during boat launch, during on-water time, and when removing the boat from the water, subject to further restrictions as provided below.

Groups of children or youth age 17 or under that require adult supervision in the regular practice of the establishment must be limited to groups of no more than ten (10) persons per group; if the children or youth age 17 or under exceed ten (10) persons, the group must be divided into subgroups of ten (10) persons or less, be independently supervised, and remain independent of other subgroups.

All CDC Guidelines must be followed at all Golf Courses in Broward County, including not exceeding any gathering limits as established by local or state authorities. 

No groups larger than 10 people are allowed in Public Community Pools and Private Club Pools.

Social events or gatherings such as weddings and parties are prohibited in all Hotels, Motels, and Commercial Lodging Establishments.

Vacation Rentals are prohibited from being used for parties and other large gatherings that violate local COVID-19 guidelines.


All illegally parked vehicles parked on private property may be subject to towing by the private property owner. 

The City of Hallandale Beach is currently not towing vehicles on right of way, unless they are blocking a fire line or fire hydrant. Hallandale Beach Police will always place a red warning sticker on vehicles in violation before the vehicles are towed. If you are concerned your vehicle has been improperly towed, please contact the Hallandale Beach Police non-emergency line at (954) 764-HELP (4357).

City Services

Normal operations of Water, Wastewater, Sanitation, and Police services continues.  Trash, Recycling, and Bulk pick up continue to follow the regular schedule.

City Commission & CRA meetings follow the City’s virtual/remote public meeting policy and procedure.  The meetings are be broadcast and public comment is taken in compliance with the emergency declaration.  

All events, programs and activities hosted by the City remain postponed until further notice.

Minibus operations now run between 8AM-5PM every hour until further notice and continue to follow enhanced cleaning procedures to maintain a safe environment for riders. If you use our mini-bus, please practice physical distancing.


Residents are encouraged to participate in the compliance process by reporting violations to MyBroward. Enter the location of the violation, and select “COVID-19 Business Complaints” as the Type of Issue. You can also call the Broward County Call Center at 311 or 954-831-4000. Both types of reports can be made anonymously.

Per Broward County Emergency Order 20-22, all persons who reside in any residential property must ensure all persons on the property, including guests, comply with all Emergency Orders.  Owners, Operators and Landlords of Commercial properties must ensure compliance with signage requirements.

Emergency Radio

You may also listen by calling the Senior Listen Line at (954) 457-1477.