The Development Services, Building Division HB-ePermitting portal is the next generation service site for the City of Hallandale Beach permitting. Our online portal performs robust searches, allows you to fill out an application, submit required drawings and documents, and pay for your permit.  Once your permit is approved, you may download your approved set of plans along with the permit card.

Online Permitting Process

  1. 1. Getting Started
  2. 2. Submittal Information
  3. 3. Frequent Asked Questions

1. Prepare. Download the appropriate application and review checklists to determine what documentation you will need to gather for your permit application. 

2. Expired Permits. All expired permits (building permits and trade permits must be resolved, visit the HB-ePermitting portal to search your permit history and status). To request an extension you will be required to submit a  Permit Extension Request Form.

3. Apply. First time user will need to create an account prior to submitting a project online: 

HB-permitting Portal- Create an account at the HB-ePermitting portal. Then login to the portal.  Select “Apply”. Select “Online Permit Application” and follow the steps within the portal to define your project Location, Contacts, and Attachments to upload your drawings (Before attaching documents refer to Electronic File Naming Format). Staff will review your application for completeness and will contact you if more information is required. Once the application is complete, an invoice will be created. The invoice can be paid on the HB-ePermitting portal. Once the invoice is paid, your project will be distributed for review and your review time will start.

4. Plan Review. Staff reviews permit in the order they are received and based on the mandated review times. Once a review is complete, you will receive approval notification or a Plan Correction Report via email which must be addressed by the owner, owner’s agent, or contractor before permit approval.  

Review Time. Target Review times for complete submittals: 

  • 2 weeks Initial Plan Review  
    • 2 weeks Resubmittals  
      • 1 week Project Revisions

5. Corrections. Make corrections to the required documentation as outlined in the Plan Correction Report. If you have questions about comments, reach out to the assigned staff reviewer for clarification and they will respond to your email or call within 24 hours. If you feel you need more than 20 minutes to discuss comments, please schedule a Virtual Conference Call with our staff. 

Once all corrections have been made, you will need to upload the updated documents and drawings into Attachments (Before attaching documents refer to Electronic File Naming Format). The coordinating reviewer will review your request and update the status on the HB-ePermitting portal. Please note when submitting an update, only provide updated sheets not the full set of plans. You may have to repeat this step if deficiencies remain. 

6. Payments. We are only receiving online payments at this time,

7. Permit Issuance. Once the final reviewer approves your application, the plans go back to our permit clerks who finalize the process. This step can take one to two days. Once the required permits have been created you will receive an email indicating that your permit has been activated. Once your permits have been activated and all outstanding invoices have been paid, you may start construction and the inspection process.  

8. Inspections. At this time, all scheduled inspections are being reopened as usual and the applicant can schedule an inspection online or by calling our inspection phoneline (954) 457-1312. Please note only exterior inspections are to be performed at this time and any other interior inspections will be determined on a case-by-case base. 

9. Revisions. We understand changes can arise in the field for various reasons. Or you may have a delay on a general or additional sub permits as allowed by our Florida Building Code (FBC). Submit revisions to the approved Master Permit Application using the same steps as listed under Corrections.