How to do Business with COHB

  1. Sunbiz
  2. How does the City buy?
  3. Quotes vs. Formal Solicitaiton
If you are a firm doing business in the State of Florida, you must register your firm with the State. This allows your business to have the legal standing to conduct business. The State of Florida website to incorporate a business is Sunbiz.

All governmental entities require that a firm provide proof of the firms’ incorporation in order to do business with the government entity.

Opening Bids

  • Bids are received by the due date at the City Clerk’s Office.
  • Bids for construction projects or repairs on a public building are opened publicly and the price is read.
  • The Procurement Department reviews all submissions, conducts reference checks and creates the tabulation sheets.
  • The tabulation sheets are forwarded to the user Department. The user Department prepares an agenda item for award of contract.