The Capital Improvement Projects Department manages various projects throughout the city. Our projects can be classified as General Obligation Projects (GO Bonds), General Fund Projects, Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Funded Projects.  Below are further descriptions of each.

General Obligation Projects 

We have a site dedicated to provide further details on these projects.  The General Obligations bond was approved on July 2011.  This projects will allow for the City to develop 11 parks over the course of the next 9 years.  To visit the GO Bonds website, please click here.

General Fund Projects

Currently we are managing the construction of the new Fire Station located at SW corner of Foster Road and NW 1st Ave.  This project will be completed by May 2018.  Click here to view renderings of project.

CRA Funded Projects

Currently we have 2 projects that are CRA Funded. These are OB Johnson and Foster Park Plaza. For more information on the CRA, click here: Hallandale Community Redevelopment Agency.

GIS Project App


The City has developed an app that shows all development Projects.  Feel free to click here to view GIS Hallandale Beach Map.


Quarterly Reports

We also publish a quarterly report that has greater insight for each project.

Click here to view Hallandale Beach Quarterly Report.



Other City Projects 

The department of Public Works manages infrastructure projects. To view complete list, please click here.

The department of Public Works manages infrastructure projects.  To view Public Works Projects complete list, please click here.

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