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Local Business Licensing


 Contact Information
Sandy Sewell
AOA IV/Occupational Lic.
400 South Federal Highway
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954) 457-1341
8:00 am-5:00pm


Business Tax Receipt

The Local Business Tax , a privilege tax imposed by City Ordinance on Section 18-31 of the Hallandale Beach City Code, provides that it shall be unlawful for any person to engage in, conduct or manage any business in the City without first applying for a City of Hallandale Beach Business Tax Receipt. Every person, firm, partnership, or corporation engaged in business within the City must complete an application for business tax and pay required fees.

To apply for the required Local Business Tax Receipt, applicants must complete an application for business available from the Development Services Department at City Hall. There is a minimum fee of $30.00 for the application.

Who Must Apply

The Hallandale Beach City Code of Ordinances states that it shall be unlawful for any person to engage in, conduct or manage any business in the City without applying for a City of Hallandale Beach Business Tax Receipt.

How Do I Apply

To apply for a business tax receipt, a perspective business owner must provide  the following documents:

If the business has been incorporated, a copy of the articles of incorporation, and the company’s federal identification number will be needed. For a business that has not been incorporated but has a fictitious name, evidence that the name has been registered with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) in Tallahassee will be required. Industries or professions, such as physicians, real estate brokers, beauticians and so forth, which are regulated by the State of Florida, must provide proof of state licensing before the City can issue a business tax receipt 

The City’s Planning and Zoning Division must review all applications for business tax receipts, to ensure permitted uses for each zoning district please see Zoning Information. Some businesses will also need to have fire and health inspections, before they can receive a business tax receipt.


What Fees Are Required

Fees are established by ordinance and are applied accordingly. When the application is submitted, the applicable business tax and an application fee will be collected.

Any person who engages in or manages any business, occupation, or profession without obtaining a local business tax receipt may be subject to a 25% penalty of the business tax receipt fee, including the business tax receipt due and any other penalty provided by law or in the City Code.

To avoid late penalties, business tax receipts must be renewed by September 30th of each year. A delinquency penalty of 10% is added for renewals in the month of October, plus an additional 5% penalty for each month of delinquency thereafter.

Change Of Ownership, Name, Or Location

Any change in ownership, name or location after the license is issued must be transferred by completion of a business tax receipt application.

The City’s Development Services Department must be notified immediately regarding any change in the business status.

Term of License

The license period is for one year commencing on October 1st, and business tax will be prorated to a one-half year fee for new business beginning April 1st or later. 

License Renewals

Licenses may be renewed as of July 1st of each year. Payment must be received by September 30th to avoid penalty fees.

Business Inspection

A business tax receipt will not be issued until all required inspections have been completed. Required inspections may include fire, zoning and other code compliance inspections. Required inspections are determined by each City Department on a case by case basis. Once it is determined that an inspection is required, the BTR applicant will be notified by the inspecting department so an inspection may be scheduled. Inspections are scheduled for Wednesdays only, between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Interior Alterations and Repairs require a permit prior to initiating the work. Improvements such as interior remodeling and all electrical, air conditioning, mechanical, life safety system (call fire to confirm) and plumbing work require permits. To apply for required permits, please use the following “Building Permits” link or visit us at City Hall located at 400 South Federal Highway. For questions and information regarding building permits, please call 954-457-1383.

Changes in Occupancy types, even though no construction work is taking place, require a building permit. For example; changing a warehouse or store use to a religious gathering or daycare use requires a building permit. Similarly, a business use such as a realtor office will need a building permit to be changed into a retail store and vice versa. For more information on your specific use please contact the Building Division prior to undertaking any changes.

Broward County may also need to review your application.  Broward County's Development and Environmental Review is readily
available to businesses in our community. Specifically, they have prepared a handout for anyone making a change of use and occupying an existing building.  The link below will lead such business owners to the handout.

Prior to opening your business, also contact the Hallandale Beach Sanitation Division at (954) 457-1616, to arrange a meeting with staff to determine services necessary for garbage and trash collection.

Business Tax Receipt Documents

Please refer to the following documents    

for additional information on how to apply


Additional Agencies to Contact

While corporations must register with the Secretary of State, if you engage in business using any name other than your own, it must be registered under the Fictitious Name Act. It protects both business and the public. The Fictitious Name must be advertised one time in a newspaper in the county where the applicant's principal place of business will be located and proof of publication need not be submitted.

You may obtain forms for registering your fictitious name from a local newspaper or Fictitious Name Department at (850) 245-6058, or visit Corporation information is also available at

Contact Information

·         All business which buy for resale or offer for sale or lease tangible personal property, or which offer real property for rent must register with the Department of Revenue and be issued a Sales Tax number. You may obtain your sales tax number at:
Sales Tax Information 
Telephone - 1-800-352-3671

·         Once you apply for a City of Hallandale Business Tax Receipt, it will be necessary for you to obtain a business tax receipt from Broward County. Contact:
Broward County Local Business Tax Receipt Department
115 S. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale
Ph: (954) 765-4697

·        Restaurants, establishments handling food and sale of alcoholic beverages are required to obtain a permit to operate a food establishment from:
Department of Agriculture
Ph: (800) 435-7352


·         Restaurants are required to have a Hotel & Restaurant License. Contact:
Hotel & Restaurant Commission
Ph: (850) 487-1395.

·         A Hotel & Restaurant License is require for apartments and rental units if there are five or more units under one roof, rented on an annual basis. If the owner lives in one of the five units, he does not need a hotel & Restaurant License. All units rented on a weekly, monthly or "transient" basis are required to obtain a Hotel & Restaurant License regardless of the number of units.

·         To sell alcoholic beverages, you must first obtain an Alcoholic Beverage License. Contact:
State of Florida Beverage Department
5080 Coconut Creek Pkwy, Suite C
Margate, FL 33063
Ph: 1-(954)-917-1346 (Enforcement)
Ph: 1-(954)-917-1350 (License)

Other Important Numbers
Chamber of Commerce

(954) 454-0541

Hallandale Beach Post Office

(888) 454-2085


(954) 457-1750

Better Business Bureau

(800) 834-1267

Food Drug Administration

(407) 475-4700

Consumer Affairs


115 S. Andrews Ave #A-60


Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

(954) 765-5350

Taxi/Limousine Companies

Ext. 224/227


Ext. 263


Ext. 225/226

Legal Dept/Complaints

(954) 765-5355



Broward Dept. of Children & Families


Child Care Licensing (Day Care)

(954) 537-2800 Ext. 234

2995 N. Dixie Highway

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334



Broward Co. Dept. of Health


780 SW 24th Street


Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315

(954) 467-4700



Broward County Central Board of Examiners

(954) 765-5108

955 S. Federal Highway


Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301


Hot Line

(954) 765-4400  Ext.248/249/250



Federal Identification Number from IRS:


Needed if your business is:

·         State Corporation

·         Sole Proprietor with employees, Keough Plan, Excise Tax


For all questions, call

(800) 829-1040

For IRS forms and/or Publications, call: 

(800) 829-3676



Florida Dept. of State, Div. of Corporation


To file for corporate name call:

(850) 488-9000

To register for fictitious name

(850) 488-9000



Alcohol & Tobacco Division


5080 Coconut Creek Parkway


Margate, FL 33063


  • License

(954) 917-1350

  • Enforcement

(954) 917-1346



Beauty Salon/Cosmetology


5080 Coconut Creek Parkway


Margate, FL 33063

(954) 917-1330



Alcohol-Tobacco –Firearms (ATF)


Federal Building


299 E. Broward Blvd., Office #401


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

(954) 356-7369



Motor Vehicle Repairs


Division of Consumer Services


407 S. Calhoun Street


Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800

(850) 410-3770



Dance & Health Studio Registration


Requires a surety bond of $50,000 or exemption.

(850) 410-3770



State Licensed Contractors (DBPR)


Department of Business & Professional Reg.

(850) 487-1395

5080 Coconut Creek Prkwy


Margate, FL 33063

(954) 917-1330



Exterminators (Pest Control)

(850) 921-4177



Florida Telemarketing Registration

(850) 410-3681



Sellers of Travel:
A thru I

(850) 410-3763

 J thru Z

(850) 410-3713



Solicitation of Contributions

(850) 410-3704



Driver’s License/ Dealer Information

(954) 497-1570



Real Estate Brokers, Associates, Certified, Licensed & Registered Appraisers including R.E. Records

(850) 487-1395



Department of Health (State)

(850) 487-3220



Assisted Living Facility (ALF) and Adult Day Care

(850) 487-2515



Department of Insurance

(850) 342-2762



County Information Line

(954) 831-4000

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