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Planning & Zoning Division

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Contact Information
Althea P. Jefferson
AICP, Manager
Planning & Zoning Division
400 SouthFederal Highway
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954) 457-1378
8:00 am-5:00pm

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 The Planning and Zoning Division staff manages various tasks including; short and
 long range planning, land development actions, processing development review
 applications, and review of building permit applications. In addition, staff works
 closely with property owners, developers, designers and contractors in the
 development and redevelopment of the City.


Zoning Information

The documents listed below provide information about permitted uses for each zoning district in the City.  To determine your zoning district, you may use the Zoning Map. If your property is located on West or Central RAC district  use in addition Central and West RAC Maps.

Simply search for your address and activate the zoning layer on the map once the address is located.  You may also contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (954) 457-1378 to determine zoning for your property. 

Permitted Uses for Zoning District

West RAC permitted uses

Central RAC permitted uses

Please note: if your property is located within an overlay district, additional or alternate standards may apply.  Zoning overlay maps are available on the maps page.

Zoning and Land Development Code

Regional Activity Center Code

Additional Standard Guidelines

Design Guidelines Manual

Alternative Hedge Materials

Administrative Parking Standards 

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Current Development Activity

The City of Hallandale Beach is an ideal location, which many developers are seeing as prime for investment opportunities. Below are major residential and commercial projects which have recently been completed, are under construction, planned or approved within the City.

Completed Major Development Projects

To view the list of current applications under review in the Planning and Zoning Division, Click Here

Applications and Forms

In order to expedite the review process of any application, it is recommended a meeting be scheduled with one of the City's planners to review the application package prior to submittal. 

Standard Application Form

Outdoor Dining Application

Notice Requirements
Notice Requirements

Fee Schedules
Fee Schedule I (Major/Minor Development Review, Plats, DRC, Concurrency Evaluation)
Fee Schedule II (Land Use Plan Amendments, Variances, Rezoning's, Conditional Uses, Legal Advertisements) 

Submission Requirement Checklists 

Minor Development Review Submission Checklist (Single-family and Duplex Residences)
Minor Development Review Submission Checklist (Residential:3-9 units, Commercial: <4,000 square feet)
Major Development Review Submission Checklist (Residential:10 units, Commercial: >4000 square feet)
Conditional Use Submission Checklist
Variance Submission Checklist
Administrative Variance Submission Checklist
Alcohol Distance Separation Variance Submission Checklist
Right-of-Way Vacation Submission Checklist
Nightclub License Submission Checklist

Land Use Plan/Rezoning Submission Checklist 
Plat Submission Checklist

Please know that Broward County may also need to review your application.  Broward  County’s Development and Environmental Review staff are readily available to developers and businesses in our community. Specifically, they have prepared two handouts for new construction applicants and anyone making a change of use and occupying an existing building. The links below will lead developers to the handouts: 


  1. Change of use and occupying an existing building
  2. New construction projects


Zoning Verification Letter Request

To request a Zoning Verification Letter, please complete a Zoning Verification Request Form and return to:

City of Hallandale Beach
Planning and Zoning Division
400 S. Federal Highway
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Also include a check made payable to the City of Hallandale Beach

$150    Assisted Living Facility
$165   Commercial Property
$175   Mixed Use
$100   Residential Multi-Family
  $55   Residential Single-Family/Duplex Property

$100/hr (Minimum 2.5 Hours) Zoning Research Written Administrative Analysis/Interpretation regarding applicability of the regulations within the Zoning and Land Development Code for a specific set of circumstances or situation.

$400+ Zoning Verification Letter – with history ( + Plus $45.00 administrative processing fee)
 Fee to confirm zoning, and future land use designation, if a proposed use is permitted t a specific location, and to provide development approval history. Plus applicable charges for copies of minutes, ordinances, or resolutions.

Address Assignment

To request a Address Assignment, please complete a Address Assignment Form and return to:

City of Hallandale Beach
Planning and Zoning Division
400 S. Federal Highway
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Also include a check made payable to the City of Hallandale Beach
$45 Single Family and Duplex
$75 Multi-Family

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Comprehensive Plan

The purpose of a Comprehensive Plan is to ensure the City of Hallandale Beach maintains the capability to guide development and redevelopment, and to provide for the maintenance of existing development so the nature and character of the City may be preserved for future generations. In addition, the plan and its elements spell out goals, objectives, and policies which are tied to implementation and capital budgeting programs.  

Hallandale Beach Comprehensive Plan (updated 2009): Land Use Map

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Future Land Use Element
3. Transportation Element
4. Housing Element
5. Utilities Element
6. Coastal Management Element
7. Conservation Element
8. Recreation and Open Space Element
9. Capital Improvements Element
10. Intergovernmental Coordination Element
11. Public School Facilities Element
Consistency with the State Comprehensive Plan

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Community Meetings

The applicant of a Major Development-Community Impact project shall be required to hold at least one community meeting (to include all area property owners) at least 30 days prior to the Planning and Zoning Board hearing, or City Commission hearing if Planning and Zoning Board action is not required.

Developer's Public Meeting Information Guide

Development Review Committee

The purpose of a DRC meeting is to ensure the applicant has the opportunity to meet with staff members from each City department (as needed) to discuss a proposed development project in more detail and obtain City staff’s input to assure conformity to applicable codes and ordinances.

Minimum Requirement for DRC Submittal

-  3 Large Size Site Plans 1-Sign & Sealed;
- 10 Half Size Site Plans (15x21 or 18x24) 1-Sign & Sealed;
- Letter of intent that summarizes the proposal;
- A PDF disk of complete submittal and PDF of final plans if revisions are necessary;
- DRC application fees made payable to the City of Hallandale Beach in forms of check or money order;
- (5) Traffic Study or Traffic Statement; and
- DRC Response if applicable.

Please see DRC Applicant Guidelines for further information.

DRC Submittal Dates 2016

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Planning and Zoning Board

The City of Hallandale Beach's Planning and Zoning Board consists of 7 board members and 1 alternate board member. The Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Commission in matters related to changing or amending the City's Zoning and Land Development Code and the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Board also makes recommendations regarding applications for conditional uses and variances; rezonings, land use plan amendments and development review approvals for major development; applications for all plats or resubdivisions of land, and for text code amendments.

The Planning and Zoning Board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm in the City Commission Chambers. Agendas and staff reports for the meetings are posted on the Monday prior to the hearing date

Planning and Zoning Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos
Planning and Zoning Board Directory

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Helpful Links

South Florida Regional Planning Council

Department of Community Affairs

Municode-Hallandale Beach Code of Ordinances 
The Land Development Code contains development-related regulatory information. Included are definitions of zoning districts, permitted uses in zoning districts, requirements for specially regulated uses, development plan review process, environmental management, and special area plans.  The City’s Land Development Code is found in the City’s Code of Ordinances and can be found on the Municipal Code Corporation web site at Municode.

American Planning Association (APA)

APA-Florida Chapter

Broward County

Broward County Property Appraiser's Office

Broward County Planning Council

Broward County - FEMA (Flood Map)

Most areas within the City have been designated "Special Flood Hazard Areas" by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Federal law requires the purchase of flood insurance if your home is located in one of these areas. The City can review the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) prepared by FEMA to determine if your property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area for insurance purposes. You may also contact the National Flood Insurance Program at 800-638-6620 for more information.

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