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Fire Department Emergency Operations

Fire Department OperationsEmergency Medical Services *
Fire Department Personnel Training and Professional Development

 Fire Department Operations
Pagliarulo, G..JPG      
                    Deputy Fire Chief Gregg Pagliarulo

The Deputy Chief oversees the day-to-day operations of all emergency response personnel and reports directly to the Fire Chief. There are 67 members in our Operations Branch. They are divided into 3 shifts (A, B, and C) each working 24-hours. This schedule is very common throughout the fire service and ensures that our City has adequate emergency protection around the clock.

Timothy Wiley2.jpg       
A-Shift Battalion Chief Timothy Wiley
More Information on Chief Wiley

Lori German

 B-Shift Battalion Chief Lori German


Jim McGlynn


Battalion Chiefs 

Each shift has a Battalion Chief responsible for the personnel on his shift. The Battalion Chief’s main function is to serve as an Incident Commander during emergency incidents requiring the response two or more units. 

Part of emergency scene management is to:

  • To ensure that all personnel are safe and operating within established guidelines

  • To maintain a record of the incident location and all responding units and personnel

  • To communicate with the Dispatch Center, keeping them updated of the incident and make resource requests as needed 

The Battalion Chief is responsible for creating schedules, planing vacation time use, maintaining personnel records, compiling monthly data reports, implementing and enforcing the policies and procedures set forth by the Fire Chief.

In addition to fire and emergency medical calls, they ensure firefighters complete many other daily tasks.

These include:

- Documentation of medical & fire calls
- Vehicle & equipment check-out
- Daily classes & training
- Minor equipment repair & maintenance
- Pre-fire planning
- Fire hydrant maintenance & painting
- Station Duties (Housekeeping)
- Department Inventory

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 Assisting Administrative Personnel with:
- Fire Drills
- Fire Prevention Week Activities 
- Annual Hurricane Forum Activities 
- EMS Week
- CERT Team training
 CAR1.jpg Fire Rescue Lieutenants

Each shift is assigned five Lieutenants. The Lieutenants oversee daily operations at each fire station, as well as supervise their assigned unit. Additionally, they are responsible for:
  • supervising the personnel at their station 
  • reviewing Fire and EMS reports
  • ensuring the personnel follow the established policies and procedures

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Driver Engineer 

Each shift is assigned four Driver Engineers, who have received specialized training in Fire Pump Operations. These individuals are assigned to drive the fire engines and operate the apparatus pump at fire scenes.

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WorkCrew WEB.jpg Firefighter Paramedic / Firefighter EMT

These individuals are all Firefighter certified and either EMT or Paramedic certified. They are highly trained professionals and are the backbone of our agency. They staff our Engine and Rescue Companies and work in either capacity, as operationally necessary.

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